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Hoka Elevon: Review

“A maximalist shoe that delivers both plush comfort and responsive performance.”


The Hoka Elevon is a running shoe designed for comfort and responsiveness. This shoe is known for its maximalist design, featuring a thick midsole that provides a cushioned ride without compromising energy return. The Elevon is part of the Hoka Elevon family and stands out within the Hoka lineup for its unique combination of plush cushioning and dynamic performance.

Key Features:

  • PROFLY dual-layered midsole: Offers a soft landing with a responsive toe-off (the phase in the gait cycle when the foot leaves the ground).
  • Meta-Rocker: Encourages a smooth transition from heel to toe (also known as the 'rolling' motion during walking or running).
  • Engineered mesh upper: Provides breathability and a comfortable fit.
  • High cushioning: 33mm heel and 28mm forefoot cushioning for long-distance comfort.

The Hoka Elevon is an ideal choice for runners who prioritize comfort and responsiveness for their daily training. Its maximalist cushioning offers a plush ride, making it suitable for a wide range of distances from short runs to ultra-marathons.

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The consensus on the Hoka Elevon

The Hoka Elevon has garnered attention for its ability to cater to both short and ultra-distance runs. Its standout feature, the PROFLY dual-layered midsole, provides a responsive yet comfortable experience, making it a favorite among ultra runners. The shoe's engineered mesh upper and moderate padding strike a balance between comfort and a natural fit, which is particularly beneficial for long-distance endeavors. However, the shoe's durability has been called into question, with some users reporting a quicker-than-expected breakdown of materials. Additionally, the Elevon's breathability may not meet the needs of runners in very hot climates. Despite these concerns, the shoe's overall performance, especially its cushioning and Meta-Rocker technology, has been praised. For runners seeking a shoe that offers a cushioned ride without sacrificing responsiveness, the Hoka Elevon is a compelling option, albeit with some trade-offs in durability and breathability.

Updates to Hoka Elevon

The Hoka Elevon has seen updates from its predecessors, focusing on enhancing the shoe's cushioning and responsiveness. The introduction of the PROFLY dual-layered midsole and the Meta-Rocker system are significant changes that offer a more dynamic ride. Compared to the Hoka Elevon 2, the latest Elevon model continues to build on the family's reputation for providing a plush yet responsive running experience.

Comparable Shoes

The On Cloud X is a good alternative for runners who prefer a firmer ride with a design focused on energy return. While the Hoka Elevon offers a more cushioned experience, the On Cloud X is lighter and may be better suited for runners who prioritize speed and a more minimalist design.

Compared to the Hoka Bondi 6, the Hoka Elevon provides a slightly firmer cushioning, which some runners may prefer for longer distances. The Bondi 6, on the other hand, offers an even more plush ride, making it a potential choice for those seeking maximum cushioning.

6 Hoka Elevon Pros & Cons

3 Pros

PROFLY dual-layered midsole provides a soft landing and responsive toe-off.
Meta-Rocker technology encourages a smooth heel-to-toe transition.
High cushioning levels offer comfort for long-distance runs.

3 Cons

Durability concerns with the mesh upper and outsole.
Breathability may be insufficient in very hot conditions.
Some runners may find the shoe bulky.

In Depth


The Hoka Elevon's upper is designed with a lightweight, breathable mesh that promotes airflow, ensuring comfort during runs. The padded tongue adds to the overall comfort, allowing for a snug fit without restricting movement. This design choice helps to keep the feet cool and comfortable, especially on longer runs.


The Elevon's midsole features the PROFLY technology, a dual-layered system that provides a soft landing and a responsive toe-off. This contributes to the shoe's overall comfort and energy return, making it suitable for a variety of running distances and paces.


With extra rubber reinforcement, the outsole of the Hoka Elevon offers reliable grip on various road surfaces. This durability feature is essential for maintaining the shoe's performance over time and across different training conditions.


The Hoka Elevon is designed to accommodate runners with normal feet and a neutral running gait. The shoe's structure supports a forefoot strike and is available in a range of sizes to ensure a proper fit for most runners.


Comfort is a key aspect of the Hoka Elevon, with its high cushioning levels and engineered mesh upper providing a plush and breathable environment for the foot. This makes the shoe a comfortable option for both short and long-distance runs.


The Elevon's cushioning is rated highly, with 33mm of foam at the heel and 28mm at the toe. This cushioning system is designed to protect the runner's feet from hard surfaces and provide a comfortable ride throughout the run.


While the Elevon's engineered mesh upper does allow for some airflow, the shoe's breathability may not be sufficient for runners in extremely hot conditions. This could lead to discomfort during prolonged use in such climates.


The shoe's broad and uniform sole design contributes to its stability, making it a suitable option for runners who require a stable ride without the traditional stability shoe feel.


Durability concerns have been raised regarding the Elevon, with reports of the fine mesh upper being prone to tears and the outsole wearing down quickly. This may affect the shoe's longevity, especially for frequent runners.


The outsole's extra rubber reinforcement provides the Hoka Elevon with a strong grip on road surfaces, enhancing the shoe's performance during various training sessions.

Who should buy the Hoka Elevon?

The Hoka Elevon is well-suited for neutral runners (those who do not overpronate or underpronate) who seek a shoe that offers both cushioning and responsiveness. It's an excellent choice for those engaging in daily running and who appreciate a shoe that can handle a range of distances, from a quick 5K to an ultra-marathon. Runners with a fore/midfoot strike (landing on the ball of the foot or the middle of the foot) and those who prefer a maximalist shoe design will find the Elevon's features particularly beneficial.

Who should not buy the Hoka Elevon?

Runners who prioritize a lightweight shoe for speedwork or racing may find the Hoka Elevon too bulky for their needs. Those with concerns about breathability in hot climates or who are looking for a shoe with a reputation for exceptional durability might consider other options. Runners with a preference for a minimalist design or those requiring specific support for overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot) should explore alternative models.

Hoka Elevon: What's it good for?

The Hoka Elevon is good for road running and is particularly well-suited for long-distance runs where comfort and cushioning are paramount. Its design also makes it a strong candidate for daily training sessions, providing a consistent and reliable performance.

4 Hoka Elevon FAQs

Is the Hoka Elevon suitable for marathon training?

Yes, the Hoka Elevon is suitable for marathon training, offering a cushioned and responsive ride that can handle the demands of long-distance running.

How does the Hoka Elevon's cushioning compare to other Hoka models?

The Hoka Elevon's cushioning is slightly firmer than some other Hoka models, such as the Bondi 6, providing a balance between plush comfort and a responsive feel.

Can the Hoka Elevon be used for daily running?

Yes, the Hoka Elevon is an excellent choice for daily running, thanks to its high cushioning and overall comfort.

Are there any concerns about the durability of the Hoka Elevon?

Some users have reported concerns about the durability of the Hoka Elevon, particularly with the mesh upper and the outsole wearing down over time.

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Environmental Characteristics
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Hoka Elevon characteristics and specifications

SportsRunning (+1961)
TerrainRoad (+1329)
UsagesDaily running (+1133)
BrandHoka (+102)
Support TypeNeutral (+1540)
Pronation TypeNeutral pronation (+1553)
Strike TypeFore/Midfoot strike (+1151)
Arch TypeHigh arch (+1500)
Shoe TypeMaximalist (+568)
Events10k (+713)Half marathon (+713)Marathon (+713)
Environmental CharacteristicsVegan Ⓥ (+248)
ColorwaysBblb, Bilv, Black / White, Hpcj, Lrbl, Mbrb, Pblsr, Sbct, Wcjb
Specificationsvs Average
Feb 2018
M: 298 g
W: 244 g
Heel to toe drop
5 mm
33 mm
28 mm

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