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Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro: Review

“Mizuno's radical maximalist racer.”


The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro is a maximalist carbon plated racing shoe designed for neutral runners seeking a responsive and energetic ride. With its exaggerated heel geometry, soft Enerzy foam, and grippy outsole, this shoe provides a smooth and propulsive sensation ideal for distances from 5K to the marathon. Though the Wave Rebellion Pro's radical looks may seem gimmicky, testers found the innovative shaping delivered on a fast, enjoyable running experience. As Mizuno's premier racing shoe, the Wave Rebellion Pro brings a distinctive new option to the increasingly crowded super shoe market.

According to our analysis of reviews from experts around the world, it averages a review score of 75%. This puts it in the lowest rated 20% of comparable running shoes. According to our analysis of prices across the internet, at current rates it's just above the median price of running shoes.


The consensus on the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro

With its extremely thick yet lightweight foam stack, carbon plate, and bold heel shaping, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro delivers an energetic marathon racing experience unlike any other shoe. Testers found the smooth transitions and snappy toe-off provided by the exaggerated carbon plated midsole made this a highly enjoyable speedwork and racing shoe. Though the maximalist cushioning suits longer distances, the neutral Wave Rebellion Pro truly shines for half marathons or shorter. Its racing pedigree does come at a cost, however, with its high price tag limiting the value proposition.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro: Base model

The Wave Rebellion Pro is a more maximal, well-cushioned version of the MizunoWave Rebellion racing flat.

Comparable Shoes

The Vaporfly provides a softer, more forgiving marathon racer while the Wave Rebellion Pro has snappier transitions suiting shorter distances.

Adios Pro has a more stable ride while Wave Rebellion Pro has a softer feel. Both excel at 10K to half marathon.

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro and the New Balance FuelCell RC Elite are both lightweight, cushioned running shoes. However, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro offers a more durable outsole and a more breathable upper.

6 Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro Pros & Cons

3 Pros

Smooth, energetic toe-off sensation
Grippy wet/dry traction
Lightweight for a maximal shoe

3 Cons

Unstable at slower paces
Narrow toe box

In Depth


The Wave Rebellion Pro's lightweight mesh upper provides a snug, foot-conforming fit. The thin, minimal upper results in an exceptionally breathable environment around the foot. An internal ghillie lacing system secures lockdown across the midfoot, while the collar padding ensures a comfortable, slip-free heel fit. Reviewers cautioned that the toe box runs narrow.


The carbon plated midsole is the key technology powering the responsive propulsion of the Wave Rebellion Pro. Mizuno combines two types of its Enerzy foam ? softer Enerzy Light+ on top and firmer Enerzy Light below. Sandwiched between is a full-length carbon-infused nylon plate to provide rigidity. Testers found this midsole compound delivered a smooth, energetic toe-off motion that maintained efficiency even late into longer races. The plate's shaping also encourages quick transition through the exaggerated heel to midfoot contact point.


The Wave Rebellion Pro uses Mizuno's grippy XG3 rubber technology on the outsole. This firm, durable rubber features a tread pattern of small lugs for traction even on wet roads. The outsole incorporates deep flex grooves and exposed foam for a smooth transition, while rubber covers high-wear areas. Reviewers praised the outsole grip, with one tester calling it the "best gripping outsole I've tested to date."

Who should buy the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro?

Neutral, efficient runners looking for a responsive and energetic racing shoe will find the Wave Rebellion Pro a great option for distances from 5K to the marathon. Its smooth transitions and snappy toe-off suit those with a mid to forefoot strike who want a propulsive sensation without excessive stiffness.

Who should not buy the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro?

The Wave Rebellion Pro's tall, soft midsole and exposed foam make it less stable for overpronators, especially on uneven surfaces. Heavy heel strikers may find the abrupt heel geometry uncomfortable. It also lacks the versatility for easy runs of a daily trainer.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro: What's it good for?

With its carbon plated midsole and grippy outsole, the Wave Rebellion Pro provides an ideal racing platform for distances from 5K to the marathon. It also suits uptempo speedwork sessions.

4 Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro FAQs

Is the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro good for easy runs?

No, the Wave Rebellion Pro is designed purely as a racing shoe, lacking the versatility for daily training.

How does the sizing of the Wave Rebellion Pro compare to other Mizuno shoes?

Reviewers found the Wave Rebellion Pro runs true to size, but the toe box is quite narrow.

What is the heel drop of the Wave Rebellion Pro?

It has a 6mm heel drop, with a 39mm heel and 33mm forefoot height.

Is there a stability version of the Wave Rebellion Pro?

No, Mizuno only makes the Wave Rebellion Pro for neutral runners. The Wave Inspire is Mizuno's stability shoe.

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