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PUMA NRGY Neko: Review

β€œA stylish and cushioned choice for neutral runners.”


The PUMA NRGY Neko is a running shoe that combines style with performance, offering a comfortable and responsive ride for neutral runners. This shoe is known for its high-volume NRGY foam midsole, which provides a cushioned yet firm experience similar to the adidas Boost technology.

Key Features:

  • Upper: A one-piece knit (a type of fabric construction that is stretchy and breathable) mesh construction that ensures breathability and a snug fit.
  • Midsole: Full-length e-TPU (expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) NRGY foam that delivers a lively and deeply cushioned ride.
  • Outsole: Hard carbon rubber that contributes to the shoe's durability and traction on road surfaces.
  • Fit: Roomy forefoot with a wide toe-box (the front part of the shoe that provides space for the toes), accommodating a variety of foot shapes.

The PUMA NRGY Neko is an ideal choice for runners who prioritize comfort and responsive cushioning for daily training. Its durable construction offers long-lasting performance, making it suitable for both running and casual wear.


The consensus on the PUMA NRGY Neko

The PUMA NRGY Neko is a well-rounded shoe that offers a blend of lifestyle appeal and running performance. Its e-TPU NRGY foam midsole is comparable to adidas Boost, providing a cushioned yet responsive feel. The shoe's knit upper ensures breathability and a comfortable fit, while the wide toe-box is a boon for runners with broader feet. Although the outsole lacks the grip of premium models and the forefoot flexibility could be improved, the shoe's overall value is hard to overlook. The NRGY Neko is a strong contender for those seeking a versatile shoe that can handle everyday running and double as a casual sneaker. For its price point, the PUMA NRGY Neko delivers commendable performance and style, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious runners.

PUMA NRGY Neko: Base model

The PUMA NRGY Neko is a special version of the PUMA NRGY. It maintains the same high-volume NRGY foam midsole for cushioning but features a one-piece knit mesh upper for enhanced breathability and style. The Neko variant offers a more lifestyle-oriented design, making it suitable for both running and everyday wear.

Comparable Shoes


The adidas Ultraboost is often compared to the PUMA NRGY Neko due to their similar midsole technologies. While the Ultraboost is positioned as a premium running shoe with a higher price tag, the NRGY Neko offers a comparable cushioned experience at a more accessible price point. The Ultraboost may have a slight edge in terms of grip and brand prestige, but the NRGY Neko challenges its value proposition with a strong performance-to-price ratio.

8 PUMA NRGY Neko Pros & Cons

5 Pros

Affordable price point with premium features
Cushioned and responsive NRGY foam midsole
Breathable one-piece knit mesh upper
Roomy forefoot and wide toe-box for comfort
Durable construction with hard carbon rubber outsole

3 Cons

Outsole grip could be improved
Low forefoot flexibility
May not be suitable for high-performance racing

In Depth


The PUMA NRGY Neko's upper is crafted from a one-piece knit mesh, providing a breathable and snug fit. This design choice not only enhances the shoe's breathability but also contributes to its sleek aesthetic. The upper is supported by synthetic leather bands and fused panels, which help maintain the shoe's structure without compromising flexibility.


At the heart of the PUMA NRGY Neko is its full-length e-TPU NRGY foam midsole. This material is known for its lively and deeply cushioned properties, offering a ride quality that is both comfortable and energetic. The midsole's design includes sidewall edges that cup around the rear upper, adding a measure of support to the shoe's overall structure.


The outsole of the PUMA NRGY Neko is made from a single piece of hard carbon rubber, which contributes to the shoe's durability. While it may not offer the same level of grip as some premium models, the outsole's hardness aids in the shoe's longevity, especially when used on road surfaces.


Runners will appreciate the PUMA NRGY Neko's roomy forefoot and wide toe-box, which accommodate a variety of foot shapes. The shoe fits true to size, with a slightly longer overall length, and the spacious interior should be comfortable for most foot types.


The PUMA NRGY Neko excels in comfort, thanks to its cushioned midsole and breathable knit upper. The removable Polyurethane insole adds an extra layer of softness, making the shoe suitable for all-day wear. The heel is well-gripped and lined with synthetic suede, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.


Cushioning is a standout feature of the PUMA NRGY Neko, with the e-TPU NRGY foam providing a deeply cushioned yet responsive feel. This makes the shoe ideal for runners who value a plush underfoot experience during their daily training sessions.


The knit mesh upper of the PUMA NRGY Neko offers excellent breathability, keeping feet cool and dry during runs. This feature is particularly beneficial for runners who train in warmer climates or prefer a shoe with good air flow.


While the PUMA NRGY Neko is designed for neutral runners, the midsole's sidewall edges provide a subtle level of stability. This design helps to support the foot during the gait cycle (the natural movement of walking or running), making the shoe a solid option for those with neutral pronation.


The durability of the PUMA NRGY Neko is enhanced by its hard carbon rubber outsole and e-TPU based midsole. These materials are known for their longevity, ensuring that the shoe can withstand the rigors of regular running.


While the PUMA NRGY Neko's outsole may not offer the same level of grip as some competitors, it provides adequate traction on road surfaces. This makes the shoe suitable for runners who primarily train on road terrain.

Who should buy the PUMA NRGY Neko?

The PUMA NRGY Neko is best suited for runners seeking a versatile shoe that can handle daily training and casual wear. Its cushioned midsole and breathable upper make it a comfortable option for those with neutral pronation. The shoe's roomy fit and durable construction also appeal to runners who prioritize longevity and value in their footwear.

Who should not buy the PUMA NRGY Neko?

Runners looking for a high-performance racing shoe or those who require specialized support for overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot) may not find the PUMA NRGY Neko to be the best fit. Additionally, those who train in wet conditions or require exceptional grip and forefoot flexibility might consider other options. For such runners, a shoe with a more aggressive outsole and additional stability features may be more appropriate.

PUMA NRGY Neko: What's it good for?

The PUMA NRGY Neko is well-suited for road running and can be a great choice for everyday training. Its cushioned midsole and roomy fit make it comfortable for longer runs, while the durable outsole ensures it can handle the wear and tear of regular use.


Is the PUMA NRGY Neko suitable for long-distance running?

The PUMA NRGY Neko, with its cushioned NRGY foam midsole and comfortable fit, can be suitable for long-distance running, especially for those who prefer a shoe with a plush underfoot feel and a roomy toe-box. However, it's important to note that the shoe is designed more for daily training and casual wear rather than high-performance long-distance running.

Can the PUMA NRGY Neko be used for gym workouts?

Yes, the PUMA NRGY Neko's versatile design and cushioned midsole make it suitable for gym workouts. Its breathable upper and durable outsole provide the necessary support and traction for various indoor exercises.

How does the PUMA NRGY Neko compare to other PUMA running shoes?

The PUMA NRGY Neko stands out for its combination of style and performance within the PUMA running shoe lineup. It offers a similar level of cushioning as other PUMA models with NRGY foam but with a more lifestyle-oriented design that makes it versatile for both running and casual wear.

What type of arch support does the PUMA NRGY Neko provide?

The PUMA NRGY Neko is designed for runners with a neutral arch type. It provides a comfortable fit and adequate support for those with neutral pronation. Runners with specific arch support needs may want to consider other models tailored to their requirements.

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PUMA NRGY Neko: what the experts say (1 review)

PUMA NRGY Neko characteristics and specifications

SportsRunning (+1956)
TerrainRoad (+1325)
UsagesDaily running (+1129)
BrandPUMA (+47)
Support TypeNeutral (+1536)
Pronation TypeNeutral pronation (+1547)
Strike TypeHeel strike (+1226)
Arch TypeHigh arch (+1494)
FitWide toe box (+335)
MaterialsKnit (+200)Mesh (+895)
TechsPUMA NRGY (+3)
ColorwaysBlack / Iron Gate
Oct 2018

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