Asics Gel DS Trainer 26

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Asics Gel DS Trainer 26: The Highlights

The Gel DS Trainer is a lightweight road running shoe family from Asics.

The Gel DS Trainer 26 is the latest model in the family, uses breathable design, and was released in 2021. Its support type is designated as stability, meaning that it's designed for runners with overpronation.

With an average review score of 80%, it's rated just above the median rating of similar running shoes. Based on our monitoring of prices across the internet, it's currently in the most expensive 10% of running shoes today.

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Asics Gel DS Trainer 26: what the experts say (3 reviews)

Asics Gel DS Trainer 26 characteristics and specifications

Specificationsvs Average
Apr 2021
M: 213 g
W: 190 g
Heel to toe drop
8 mm

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